The Zaltho Foundation Promoting Mindfulness and Nonviolence

  • “If we want the world to be a different place, then we as individuals have to live differently. Through mindfulness, we can nurture healing and transformation within ourselves, and this can change the world.”
    — Claude AnShin Thomas

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"If I live mindfully, I do not have to stop to meditate. However, to reinforce the reality of mindfulness in my life, it is also important to find a quiet place each day where I can sit still on a cushion, chair, rock, whatever. This moment of quiet allows me to listen to the interior voice that guides me. It is not like someone talking to me inside my head; it is a feeling of the correctness of my action or perhaps only an invitation to stand still." Claude AnShin Thomas, "At Hell's Gate" page 68

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About Zaltho / Our Goals

The Zaltho Foundation, a spiritually based non-profit committed to ending violence by promoting mindfulness and positive change within individuals, was founded by Claude AnShin Thomas in 1994.

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It was through the inspiration, the engagement, and the skill of Zachary Alan Thomas that the Zaltho Foundation began to have, and maintain, an online presence. For his years of dedicated service we remain forever thankful.

In Gratitude: Claude AnShin Thomas, Spiritual Advisor and The Board of Directors,
The Zaltho Foundation, Inc.

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