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Featuring Claude AnShin Thomas

A Soldier's Vow: Ending War, Living Peace (english subtitles)

This film documents several elements of Claude AnShin Thomas’ life and work: street retreats, meditation retreats with veterans.

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Director: Carmen Eckhardt
Starring: Claude AnShin Thomas

Surviving Home

A multiple award-winning documentary that follows veterans of multiple generations as they adjust to life after military service.

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Directors: Matthew Moul and Jillian Moul

Starring: Claude AnShin Thomas, and others

Gifts of Grief

Through compelling personal stories, we gain valuable insights from people facing, growing and transforming through grief.

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Director: Nancee Sobonya
Starring: Claude AnShin Thomas, and others

Peace is Every Step

The classic film profile of renowned Vietnamese Buddhist teacher, author, activist and Nobel Peace Prize-nominee Thich Nhat Hanh. Narrator is Ben Kingsley.

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Director: Geatano Kazuo Maida
Starring: Thich Nhat Hanh, Claude AnShin Thomas, and others

Raising The Ashes

Film about a Zen meditation retreat at the Nazi death-camp Auschwitz, Poland.

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Director: Michael O’Keefe
Starring: Bernard Tetsugen Glassman, Claude AnShin Thomas, and others



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