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NEW BOOK by Claude AnShin Thomas

On the Edges of Sleep - Poems of War and Memory In his first book of poetry, Vietnam combat veteran and Zen Buddhist monk Claude AnShin Thomas explores the boundaries of awareness; the landscape of longing; and the lasting, invisible wounds of war. Book Review "In his first book of poetry, Claude AnShin Thomas, a Zen…


Veterans Retreat Notes

In April 2024 the Magnolia Zen Center hosted a 5-day Veterans Retreat. This was an opportunity for military veterans and their loved ones to address the unique personal challenges they face as a result of their service. Participants learned practical tools and insights to help them navigate post-service life and find peace with their un-peacefulness.…


The Real Costs of War

by Peter Lawson A Son’s Perspective I never served in the military, so I usually feel that I have no right to complain or whine about my life not being perfect. I feel guilty for not being grateful enough, because my life is easy and I have everything I need. It is embarrassing for me to…




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