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Working Meditation


Working Meditation

When we practice working meditation, we experience our work as an expression of our caring and of our connectedness with life.
Work is a essential part of our lives.  There are always things to be done, so we might as well use everyday tasks as opportunities to practice. Be aware of every little details of your work. Make an effort to notice where you are off balance in your work style, and take a step towards more balance. Instructions on working meditation In working meditation, we work just to work.  We just do what is in front of us to do, and at the end of a period of working we just step back and see what’s been accomplished. The shortest instruction for working meditation is to stay connected with your breath as you work.  As you do a task, whether it’s cleaning the dishes, cutting the grass, or conducting a business meeting, take the time to notice all the details – how things look, feel, smell.  Be aware of what you perceive to be pleasant or unpleasant.  Notice all the thoughts, feelings, and sensations that arise as you work, and remain connected to your breath. If you are someone who always works alone, ask someone for help.  If you keep yourself mostly to the side and let others take initiative, then be a little more assertive.  If you have a tendency to work to quickly, slow down.

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